An independent brand founded in the Philippines

Instinct Studios is a small, local designwear/streetwear brand that produces visually loud apparel in the form of flashy, oversized, and well-curated graphic designs supported & made by other local artists and designers.
Instinct Studios believes in two things — empowering artists and designers through an unconventional canvas such as fabric & textile, and committing to making our supporters look too good to be ignored. We are anchored towards the creative independence of our artists & designers, and centered towards producing streetwear that reflect our mission & values.
We have dedicated ourselves as a brand into choosing to collaborate with local up-and-coming artists as a small contribution not only in the chosen artist's career growth, but in spearheading commitment and establishing a system of a self-supporting creative community contrived under Instinct Studios.

Apparel that demands to be noticed, demands attention, demands to be seen. Look for an Instinct Studios supporter in a crowd, you can't miss them. This is the Instinct Studios® experience.

— Honcho, co-founder, Instinct Studios™